Seminar and Lecture Series

The institution organizes national and international level lectures and seminars on topic related to Indian art, culture, literature, history etc. We have also organized several special lecture series in memory of Maharajas and other great figures from history who have contributed greatly to the creation of modern Marwar. Maharaja Umaid Singh (1903-1947) Memorial Lecture Series. Maharaja Umaid Singh is one of Marwar’s most illustrious rulers. In his memory, a lecture series is organised every year. Few Lecture series are mentioned below -

  • Maharaja Hanwant Singh (1923-1952) Memorial Lecture Series
  • Dr. Narayan Singh Bhati Memorial Lecture Series
  • Dr. Mahendra Singh Naggar Memorial Lecture Series
  • Pandit Kaluramji Vyas Lecture Memorial Series

Sanskrit Language Symposia

Sanskrit is India’s oldest language, in which our ancient texts were composed. To promote the study of Sanskrit, the institution organizes Sanskrit Symposia.