The Maharaja Man Singh Pustak Prakash incorporated into the Mehrangarh Museum Trust in 1977, houses a collection of manuscripts in Sanskrit, Hindi and a few regional languages. The Manuscripts are catalogued and available to scholars and researchers. The MMPP’s in-house faculty undertakes significant research based on the rich archival material. The library contains over 7500 volumes of old Manuscripts, 5300 granths on different subjects, written in Sanskrit and 2200 in Hindi and Rajasthani language. 13 palm – leaf Manuscripts are also valuable part of the collection. The center is recognized by UGC and is affiliated to Jodhpur University for research. The Institution organizes symposiums, seminars and lecture series by distinguished scholars.

The collection includes the bahis of Jodhpur’s royal women and of various departments such as the ‘kapadon ka kothar’ (textile store), ‘jawahar khana’ (jewellery store), and ‘kamtha’ (construction). Bahis also cover the royal mint and the various thikanas of Marwar. They shed light on the social, economic, and cultural practices of the past centuries.